Château Arton

A Multi-Award winning Armagnac from the rare and distinctive Haut region – Château Arton celebrates the great tradition of France’s original and premier brandy.

“Grown, not produced” and created by Patrick de Montal and his wife Victoire de Montesquiou at their estate near Lectoure, France.

Château Arton truly showcase the terroir and experience of the French Countryside.

A distinctive tradition…

  • Fine Blanche

    Château Arton Fine Blanche is a unique expression of Haut Armagnac in unaged form. Patrick was one of the first to bottle the unaged distillate, at the time referring to it as “Eau de vie de Blanche” as it was not yet recognized in the AOC for Armagnac. Fully adopted in 2005.

    Like all of Arton’s expressions, Fine Blanche is comprised of both Ugni Blanc and Colombard wines, distilled to ~55% ABV and brought down to proof at 45% ABV.

    In an unaged expression, this Armagnac showcases bright and fresh notes reminiscent of the crisp wines of this region, then further demonstrating the beauty they can exhibit once distilled.

  • La Réserve

    Château Arton La Réserve is a blend of 4-11 year old aged Haut Armagnacs.

    The fresh distillate is added into new, medium-toast Gascon Oak barrels for only two years. It is then transferred into previously used barrels – to allow only for subtle nuances of oak, rather than overpowering the distillate.

    These barrels are then emptied and refilled twice a year only to allow for further oxygenation of the spirit – essential to developing the end character. Through regular tasting Patrick then makes careful selections to create the final blend, proofed to 45% ABV – resulting in La Réserve.

  • Millésime

    Château Arton Millésime, or vintage, is only produced from years showcasing exceptional quality with age, and selected from only the very best barrel – never blended. A minimum of 10 years of age in Gascon Oak Barrels, brought to 45% ABV.

    “…we taste them very delicately, several times a year, and pick up the one that has the best potential to make a unique, one year, with no blending, Armagnac. And I must say we have up to now picked some Vintage with some great result and fantastic popularity. Of course, it’s little volumes. And I must say we alas run very quickly out of it.” – Patrick de Montal

    The 2005 vintage produced roughly 300 bottles.