“Well, first, when we discovered Arton… it was love at first sight, you see… It was completely abandoned. This room had no more windows, here it was Earth, with rabbits, and there was no electricity in the house. And all those flowers, the cyclamen, the wild cyclamen. It was pink, it was ahhhh, breathtaking.” – Victoire de Montesquiou

Patrick and Victoire discovered Arton in 1979, having grown up in the area, and immediately falling in love with the place and its surroundings. At that time there were no vines left and the Château was in disrepair, although they had discovered the remnants of centuries old production including Roman coins and large Roman wine casks.

The likelihood was that the Phylloxera epidemic that affected much of French vineyards also took its toll at Arton.

Patrick took to the vineyards and started replanting vines, for both the production of wines and Armagnac.

The first Armagnac to be distilled from the re-born Arton was finally put into barrel in 1991, and released as a vintage expression in 2001.

“It was the dream of his life to have a vineyard… You know, when you do something with pleasure, it’s fantastic. It gives you such a strength and such a joy. Though it can be difficult… for instance for the vines it’s very hard work. But you feel happy because it’s beautiful, it gives you good grapes, it gives you good wine. You don’t regret to be tired and to have good work all day… And you say ‘avec plaisir’ with pleasure.”
– Victoire de Montesquiou