Essential Facts

Born: 2014
Origin: St. Philip, Barbados
Master Distiller: Richard Seale

ABV: Varies

Raw Ingredients: Molasses produced from sugar production in both Barbados and Guyana.

Production Technique: Following the conversion of sugar cane to molasses – fermentation begins to make molasses wine. Fermentation is strictly controlled at a constant temperature of 30-32 Celsius and lasts approximately 44 hours, which is long and slow by Caribbean standards. Yeast is South African and was selected for the flavor profile it produces.

These rums are made from a blend of rums from both traditional twin column coffey and artisanal copper pot stills. This is very rare in the Caribbean. Richard Seale uses both because they produce a rum superior to using either method on its own. The pot still gives the rum good complexity and depth of flavor while the twin column coffey allows the final blend to have a more balanced aroma and flavor.

The pot still is made completely of copper.

The column still is comprised of 3 columns 20 feet in height. Its shell is made of stainless steel and all of its interior surfaces are made of copper.

All maturation occurs in Barbados, in open wall warehouses, allowing further influence from the tropical climate. This accelerates the maturation process by 2-3x from that of a temperate climate, with 5-8% loss occurring annually. The backbone of Foursquare Rum Distillery’s aging operations are Ex-Bourbon barrels, however Richard has collected a wide variety of unique and rare barrels – from former Cognac, Port, Zinfandel, Sherry, Madeira barrels and more – allowing for either subtle nuances or bold character as desired.