• Original "La Bleu"

    The Original from the Birthplace of Absinthe.

    Kübler Original is created today to the exact specifications of its recipe dating back to 1863. The only Absinthe to have been produced in the same method and through the prohibition of the spirit. This Suisse “La Bleu” style is clear in color.

    A neutral grain base spirit, distilled in maceration with nine distinct botanicals sourced primarily from the Val-de-Travers: Artemisia Absinthium (Wormwood), Green Anise, Fennel, Artemisia Pontica, Hyssop, Lemon Balm, Star Anise, Coriander and Mint. Proofed to 53% and bottled in both 375mL and 1L bottles.

  • Verte Suisse

    Based upon an award-winning Kübler Family recipe for a Verte style of Absinthe, dating back to 1875.

    Verte Suisse is produced in two stages. The first involves the distillation of three distinctive botanicals “the Holy Trinity”: Artemisia Absinthium (Wormwood), Green Anise, and Fennel in maceration with a neutral grain base spirit.

    The second stage involves a secondary, post-distillation maceration with an additional four botanicals: Artemesia Pontica, Lemon Balm, Hyssop and Mint. This second maceration occurs over a 2-3 week period, and is then allowed to rest in a dark, climate controlled environment for an additional 2 months – allowing the intense flavors to blend and marry together. Proofed to 72% ABV, bottled, vintaged and numbered. Available in limited quantities, and only in 375mL bottles.